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Conclusion and Inference on the effectiveness of Mivan Formwork



The task of housing due to the rising population of the country is becoming increasingly monumental. In terms of technical capabilities to face this challenge, the potential is enormous; it only needs to be judiciously exploited.

            Civil engineers not only build but also enhance the quality of life. Their creativity and technical skill help to plan, design, construct and operate the facilities essential to life. It is important for civil engineers to gain and harness the potent and versatile construction tools.

            Traditionally, construction firms all over the world have been slow to adopt the innovation and changes. Contractors are a conservative lot. It is the need of time to analyze the depth of the problem and find effective solutions. MIVAN serves as a cost effective and efficient tool to solve the problems of the mega housing project all over the world. MIVAN aims to maximize the use of modern construction techniques and equipments on its entire project.          

            We have tried to cover each and every aspect related to aluminium (MIVAN) form construction. We thus infer that MIVAN form construction is able to provide high quality construction at unbelievable speed and at reasonable cost. This technology has great potential for application in India to provide affordable housing to its rising population.

            Thus it can be concluded that quality and speed must be given due consideration with regards to economy. Good quality construction will never deter to projects speed nor will it be uneconomical. In fact time consuming repairs and modification due to poor quality work generally delay the job and cause additional financial impact on the project. Some experts feel that housing alternatives with low maintenance requirements may be preferred even if at the slightly may preferred even if at the higher initial cost.


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