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Formwork Assembly




MIVAN aims in using modern construction techniques and equipment in all its projects. On leaving the MIVAN factory all panels are clearly labeled to ensure that they are easily identifiable on site and can be smoothly fitted together using the formwork modulation drawings. All formwork begins at a corner and proceeds from there.


Wall Assembly Details

Wall Assembly Details


Beam Assembly Details



            The panels are held in position by a simple pin and wedge system that passes through holes in the outside rib of each panel. The panels fit precisely, simply and securely and require no bracing. Buildings can be constructed quickly and easily by unskilled labour with hammer being the only tool required. Once the panels have been numbered, measuring is not necessary. As the erection process is manually, tower cranes are not required. The result is a typical 4 to 5 day cycle for floor – to – floor construction.



One of the principal technical features which enables this aped to be attained using a single set of formwork panel is the unique V shaped a prop head which allows the ‘quick strip’ to take place whilst leaving the propping undisturbed.

The deck panels can therefore be resumed immediately.

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