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A Brief Introduction to the Construction Industry





Construction is one of the significant sectors of Indian economy and is an integral part of the development. Today India’s urban population is the second largest in the world and its future development leads to increased demand for housing To cope with this problem India should desperately need to plan for acquisition of land and rapid creation of dwelling units. Construction is a complex process involving basically the areas of Architectural planning, Engineering & Construction.


            Despite of the boom in construction activities in urban centers in recent years across the country, the scenario on the housing front remains far from satisfactory. “Latest statistics indicate that the total housing shortage in the urban sector was 7.75 million in 1997. An additional demand of 9.7 million units is expected to be generated in this sector during the period 2002–2007. According to the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI), keeping in view the existing housing crisis, the country shall need addition of more 2.5 million new dwelling units annually”.…..( Kulkarni, 2001). The recent years voiced the active participation private sectors in finding the solution over the prevailing situation on housing front.


            Keeping in view the gigantic task of providing affordable shelter to masses, adoption of a cost – effective technology assumes greater significance. The present strain on Indian economy and the overgrowing demands for housing calls for adoptions of appropriate building technology which could lead to economy and speed in construction. As a result of experimentation of innovate construction techniques and modern construction management it is now possible to achieve an overall saving to the extent of 10% in the total cost of housing construction compared to the cost of traditional housing.


            There is growing realization today that speed of construction needs to be given greater importance especially for large housing projects. This is not only essential for the faster turnover of equipment and investment – leading possible to the reduction in the housing cost – but also for achieving the national objective of creating a large stock to overcome shortest possible time. Fortunately some of the advanced technologies catering to faster speed of construction are already available in the country. For e.g. prefabrication, autoclaved blocks, tunnel formwork, aluminum formwork (MIVAN Technology) of construction etc.

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