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Site Management




The essence of the system is that it provides a production line approach in the construction industry. The laborers are grouped together to form small teams to carry out various tasks within a certain time frame such as, reinforcement, fabrication and erection, formwork erection, concreting etc.

            Scheduling involves the design and development of the work cycle required to maximize efficiency in the field. The establishment of a daily cycle of work, which when fully coordinated with different trades such as reinforcement fixing, mechanical services installation, and the placing of concrete, includes a highly efficient working schedule in the system, not just for formwork but for all parallel trades as well.

            Optimum use of the labour force is made by ensuring that each trade has sufficient work on each working day. Experienced site supervisors are sent to site to train supervisory staff and labour for proper handling of the equipment and to assist in establishing the desired work cycle. The disciplined and efficient handling of work ensures that all other trades follow in a united and predetermined manner. The improved coordination and construction management enables the equipment to be used at optimum speed and efficiency and speed of the output are outstanding. Thus a disciplined and systemized approach to construction is achieved.


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