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Software Application to Formwork Design




The formwork is designed using the most economical assortment of panel sizes with the help of the state-of-the art design software. The use of the software along with the experience and skill of the designers ensures an efficient construction process by incorporating the optimum assembly procedures, economical panel selection and ultimately minimizing capital and operational costs.

            The formwork requirement depends upon various parameters such as desired speed of construction, economy required. After considering all of these, various options are offered at the estimate stage to the client. The system is flexible in design and can form any architectural or structural configuration, such as stairs, bay windows, curved features etc. Designers consult the architects and structural designers during design stage in order to avoid costly modifications of RC members during construction stage.

It is thus essential to select the most practical and economic blend of standard formwork components required for the building at the preconstruction design phase itself.

            Using Bespoke design software, the formwork is designed using the most economical assortment of panel sizes. The combination of bespoke software and the experience of MIVAN designer’s guarantees...


a) Most efficient construction process incorporating the optimum assembly procedures.
b) Economical panel section.
c) Ultimately minimizing capital and operational cost.

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