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Speed of Construction



Work cycle

            MIVAN is a system for scheduling & controlling the work of other connected construction trades such as steel reinforcement, concrete placements & electrical inserts. The work at site hence follows a particular sequence. The work cycle begins with the deshuttering of the panels. It takes about 12-15hrs.           It is followed by positioning of the brackets & platforms on the level. It takes about 10-15hrs simultaneously.          

            The deshuttered panels are lifted & fixed on the floor .The activity requires 7-10 hours. Kicker & External shutters are fixed in 7 hrs. The wall shutters are erected in 6-8 hrs One of the major activity reinforcement requires 10-12 hrs. The fixing of the electrical conduits takes about 10 hrs and finally pouring of concrete takes place in these.

            This is a well synchronized work cycle for a period of 7 days. A period of 10-12 hrs is left after concreting for the concrete to gain strength before the beginning of the next cycle. This work schedule has been planned for 1010-1080 sq m of formwork with 72-25cu m of concreting & approximate reinforcement.

            The formwork assembling at the site is a quick & easy process. On leaving the MIVAN factory all panels are clearly labeled to ensure that they are easily identifiable on site and can be smoothly fitted together using formwork modulation drawings. All formwork begins from corners and proceeds from there.

            The system usually follows a four day cycle: -


Day 1: -The first activity consists of erection of vertical reinforcement bars and one side of the vertical formwork for the entire floor or a part of one floor.


Day 2: -The second activity involves erection of the second side of the vertical formwork and formwork for the floor


Day 3: - Fixing reinforcement bars for floor slabs and casting of walls and slabs. 


Day 4: -Removal of vertical form work panels after 24hours, leaving the props in place for 7 days and floor slab formwork in place for 2.5 days.


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